ARTE-MADERA starts the making of its wooden trophies after A. Ribes's participation in the Barcelona Olympic Games 1992, in the clay-pigeon shooting discipline.

On his return to Valencia and after checking the material used up until then in the working of trophies, plastic and other raw materials, ARTE-MADERA decides to introduce the use of wood in the making of trophies, much more aesthetic and natural than the models in other kinds of material.

A. Ribes
Delivery of trophies from 15 to 30 days on request.
All our trophies are made of grain and of timber roots such as walnut, walnut root, "olivato" ash-tree root, "bubinga" and "pomele de sapeli".

We make all kinds of trophies in the style shown in the catalogue, and also at the customer's request from ten units, which can be made with the anagram of the organisation machine-carved. Whatever sport it is, it can also be made with the perimeter of each province's community. We can make any item, but if this is not included in the catalogue the price may be higher.

In the event of a return of any item, it must take place within the following seven days, in the same packaging and intact. These articles will be automatically exchanged on receipt and by urgent courier.

"We are proud to have made one of our trophies for the fantastic basketball player Arbidas Sabonis, exactly the Basketball sports trophy with reference number 20 of our catalogue".

Other sizes or shapes see availability and delivery.
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