Antoine Jean Grou
In June 1835, a man’s body was caught from the Seine River in the vicinity of the town of Medon. An investigation has established the identity and circumstances that led…

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"The Luxury Theologian of the Duke of Berry"
The Limburg brothers - Paul, Jean and Ehrman - were miniature painters of the 14th-15th centuries. By common labor-intensive work, they managed to create one of the most beautiful illustrated…

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A significant part of old English engravings is represented by caricatures. The genre of caricature itself existed before. The cartoons of Leonardo da Vinci are known, many canvases of Brueghel…

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How to form a collection of paintings

Buying a painting for a collection? Some tips

Perhaps you have been presented with a painting or you have acquired one or more paintings and want to make a collection. In any case, we hope that the very simple recommendations below will be useful to you.

Buy paintings emotionally
Firstly, we are sure that any correct purchase is primarily an emotional act. The picture should be like, this is the most important condition. Then you need to consider other components for the purchase – the investment potential of the acquisition, fashion, friends’ advice and so on. After all, if we are talking about real masterpieces, paintings worthy of a purchase, this is primarily your potential friend, opponent. A good picture evokes feelings, evokes an emotional response, gives rise to thought. After all, the picture presents a creative rethinking of the world that the artist made. He put an emotional charge into the picture. If the picture is close to you, then this emotional charge will be transmitted to you.
The great collector Savva Morozov was guided by this emotional response when he made the decision to purchase a particular painting. So he put together a collection of impressionists and post-impressionists. His collection is the “Golden Fund”, the pearl of the Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin.
Of course, every purchase is associated with a certain risk. But if you choose a picture that you like, arouses a lot of emotions in you, then you can no longer lose. You have acquired a friend and companion. If the price rises in the future by the picture, then your gain will be even more tangible.

Consider buying paintings as an investment
Read a separate article on this topic.

Learn, study and study again
Sorry for the banal advice – develop your artistic taste. Communicate with artists, experts, visit museums, exhibitions. Very soon you will not only understand what painting is close to you, but you will also be surprised to find how your artistic taste is being improved. You will understand why the “daub” of one artist is so highly valued, and what kind of emotional charge it contains, and a kind of very pretty picture of another artist can remain for you just a pretty picture without a deep emotional content. You will inevitably find your artist, the style or direction in painting that is closest to you.
Very soon, you will learn to identify the artist whose high demand for works is determined, first of all, by the temporary fashion, and which artist may become really popular in the future.

Subject Paintings
Collections are best combined theme. For example, you have chosen a topic that is close to yourself, found a direction in painting that evokes your maximum emotional response. Try to delve into this topic. You will soon see how deep and multi-layered the painting of this direction can be. Sooner or later you will become an expert – a professional. A professional can take a chance and invest his own money and be sure that he made the right purchase.

The artist may be fashionable
No need to chase fashion. Buying a very fashionable artist now, you are in any case overpaying for this excitement. Of course, if you really collect a fashion artist and believe in the commercial potential of his work, then continue to buy. But in any case, remember that fashion is a fleeting thing. If the artist is not really a master, then the fashion for his works can easily go through.

Discover new artist names
Very often professional collectors also become patrons of art – discoverers of names. This is a very correct and profitable way, although it involves a certain risk. You help promote this or that artist, while buying his paintings. Over time, the artist will become famous and the demand and price for his paintings will increase many times, which will allow you to get significant benefits from these investments.
Use the services of consultants and professionals – experts in contemporary art. Remember that the more expensive the picture you buy, the more likely it is to meet a fake. Try to purchase paintings from sellers you trust and who will confirm the authenticity of the paintings.

Gallery of modern art and online store
In our gallery of contemporary art “Artimeks” and online antiques store “ANTIKZON” a large selection of paintings, paintings, graphics. The artists represented in our store worked in completely different techniques. Each of the paintings deserves to become the dominant of your collection. I would like to pay special attention to the works of such artists as Abramov, Gorlov, Rastorguev, Gubarev, Zemskov, Shugrin, Chizhonkov, Vogel, Utkin, Usachev and many others. Buying these paintings can be a profitable investment. The works of these artists were exhibited in major museums, such as the Tretyakov Gallery, and are included in the collections of many famous patrons and connoisseurs of contemporary art.

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