Secret meanings of the masterpiece fresco "Maesta" by Simone Martini
The student of the great founder of the Renaissance, Giotto and favorite Modigliani, Simone Martini, embodied Siena artistic principles in his work, introduced many innovations into painting art, which became…

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How a medieval rebel artist from Korea glorified watermelons and mice
She was named after the patroness of pregnant women and mothers, but Sin Saimdan rebelled all her life against the traditional female role. A magnificent education, which Korean women did…

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Engraving: concept, essence.
Engraving is the youngest of the visual arts. If the origin of painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture is lost in prehistoric epochs, then the appearance of engraving is more or less…

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Why advise you to buy paintings by contemporary artists?

Our gallery of contemporary art presents a large selection of paintings, paintings, drawings by contemporary artists. We specialize in contemporary painting, contemporary art and sincerely believe that the purchase of contemporary art is very promising from many angles.

Modern painting rethinking
Any picture has an aesthetic side. She likes, causes a lot of emotions. The works of contemporary artists awaken thought and feelings. First of all, contemporary art reflects the spirit of the times. You will not find in any other antique paintings a reflection of those serious changes that have taken place in the world over the past century, as in works of modern art. In the works of contemporary artists, reality and the recent past are being rethought creatively. The paintings reflect the civic position of the artist, his doubts, pain, hopes, fears, joys. The more pronounced this creative and civic individuality of the artist, the more visible is his unique emphasis, the greater the emotional charge bears the picture.

The beauty and sophistication of the interior
Like any other picture, the works of contemporaries fulfill their utilitarian function of decorating and transforming the environment. A well-chosen painting perfectly decorates the interior, becoming the dominant feature of the living room or study. Moreover, like no other subject, modern painting emphasizes the refined taste of its owner.

The pictures are unpretentious. If you do not make gross mistakes, then the picture can be stored for almost unlimited time, it can be transmitted, presented, conveniently transported. It does not require repair, rarely goes out of fashion. Therefore, a correctly purchased picture becomes larger than a simple purchase – it becomes a friend, interlocutor, and opponent. Modern painting fits very organically into almost any interior, surprisingly transforming it. She brings notes of sophistication, sophistication. The interior becomes modern, acquires great solemnity and nobility.

Buying a picture is profitable
The picture not only fulfills a utilitarian function, but at the same time becomes a real profitable investment. The price of such a picture will only increase with time. Contemporary art is steadily becoming more expensive. Therefore, your purchase can bring you significant profit if you want to sell the picture you bought after a certain time.

It is for this emotional charge inherent in modern painting, for the creative transformation and rethinking of the era that contemporary art is so highly valued. The cost of paintings by Picasso, Monet, Gauguin, Matisse, Malevich, Popov, and others has increased many times, they have become classics of XX century art. The same fate awaits many paintings by contemporary artists. If their paintings can still be purchased for affordable money, in the near future their purchase may be available only to very wealthy collectors.

Buy paintings emotionally
Finally, precisely because modern painting is so diverse, from avant-garde, abstract art, symbolism, to traditional realism, it attracts collectors and patrons, investors. Each person can buy that picture, which would correspond to his inner search as much as possible, would find a response in his soul. Any correct purchase of modern painting is primarily emotional. It’s wrong to buy a painting only because the artist is fashionable or the picture is big. The right purchase is like finding a friend, a like-minded person. Modern painting perfectly copes with this task – to awaken thought, feelings, emotions, experiences. Finally, to understand and collect modern painting is very fashionable. You emphasize your refined taste, intelligence, intelligence.

Gift painting
Also, if you want to make an expensive gift, then buying a contemporary painting is the best choice, which will be highly appreciated by the gifted and emphasize your refined taste as a donor.

If you feel nostalgia for the Soviet era, then you may come up with pictures of socialist realism. The task of socialist realism was the embellishment of reality, the re-education of man. This is a painting of high fictitious social standards. Many appreciate the romanticism of the painting of socialist realism, because it significantly embellished reality and carried optimism.

If you value the game of imagination, then more abstract art, naive art, and avant-garde painting are more suitable for you. In this painting, like no other, the creative rethinking of the world by the artist is shown, the search for new ways of interaction between the picture and the viewer. It is important that this rethinking find a special emotional response in you.

In our gallery of modern art
Our gallery of modern art and the online store “ARTIMEX” presents a large selection of paintings by contemporary artists. The works were performed in various techniques, the authors adhered to various currents and directions of art. This is painting, and graphics and prints.

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