How the world's most famous paintings were created: Intriguing stories of paintings by great artists
Grigory Landau, a journalist and philosopher, once said this: “Art is a dialogue in which the interlocutor is silent.” Painting is a subtle art, allegorical, emotional, giving freedom in interpretation.…

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Why advise you to buy paintings by contemporary artists?
Our gallery of contemporary art presents a large selection of paintings, paintings, drawings by contemporary artists. We specialize in contemporary painting, contemporary art and sincerely believe that the purchase of…

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Monumental painting. Wall painting
Monumental painting - painting on architectural structures and other stationary foundations. The main technique of monumental painting is a mural, which, together with mosaics and stained glass, is more often…

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Secret meanings of the masterpiece fresco “Maesta” by Simone Martini

The student of the great founder of the Renaissance, Giotto and favorite Modigliani, Simone Martini, embodied Siena artistic principles in his work, introduced many innovations into painting art, which became a guiding star for young masters, and also created a truly masterpiece fresco – “Maesta”, about the true meanings of which art historians disputes today.

Martini’s painting is melodic, symbolic and poetic (this was influenced by friendship with the poet Francesco Petrarch). One legend has come to the present. It is said that Simone Martini painted a portrait of the beautiful lover of Petrarch – Laura. Giorgio Vasari (author of the famous Biographies), wrote that the portrait was as amazing as the girl herself. In response to the portrait, Petrarch presented Continue reading

Antoine Jean Grou

In June 1835, a man’s body was caught from the Seine River in the vicinity of the town of Medon. An investigation has established the identity and circumstances that led to this sad incident. The deceased turned out to be the artist Antoine-Jean Gros, the official painter of Napoleon I. Having survived his main customer and employer for fourteen years, Gros brought an end to his life – when he realized that he had changed the cause of his life.

Career Despite Revolution

At the time of his death, he was 64 years old. The life path of Antoine-Jean Gros fell on dramatic and difficult times for France. He achieved much in his profession – to be at the mercy of one of the greatest European rulers, to gain his trust and to create for decades his image for contemporaries and descendants, a heroic and idealized image – all this could not be considered a real success.

Antoine-Jean was born March 16, 1771 in Paris in the family of a miniature painter. These were the times of the absolute monarchy, and the rococo style reigned in art, and the younger Gro at first prepared the same future as Continue reading

How the Golden Age Changed the World

Historians agree that the Renaissance arose in Italy (several theories have been put forward explaining why this period began in Italy). The wealth of Italy increased significantly XIV-XVI centuries. Favorable geographical position, access to the sea, own port, political and economic stability, coupled with the ability to withstand external pressure, the active development of trade relations with Europe, Asia, the East – all this created fertile ground for prosperity and the beginning of the Renaissance in Italy. Favorable conditions led to the opening of local art schools, to building up talents in various fields of culture, science, literature, philosophy, etc. In addition, in the late Middle Ages Italy consisted of city states that had a certain degree of political freedom. It allowed to achieve artistic and academic progress Continue reading

How the world’s most famous paintings were created: Intriguing stories of paintings by great artists

Grigory Landau, a journalist and philosopher, once said this: “Art is a dialogue in which the interlocutor is silent.” Painting is a subtle art, allegorical, emotional, giving freedom in interpretation. This is a whole world of unsolved secrets and unsolved mysteries. Let’s try to open the veil of secrecy over the history of the creation of the most famous paintings of great artists.

In fact, the artist has two versions of this picture. In this version, George defeats the dragon whom the Beautiful Lady holds by the leash. The painting has a deep religious meaning. According to legend, a dragon settled in a lake in a city in Libya. The pagan emperor ordered him to sacrifice beautiful girls. When there were no young women in the city, the emperor sent his own daughter to the dragon. The brave warrior George went to rescue her and overthrew the dragon. The princess here symbolizes the persecuted Christian Church, the dragon – paganism, and George – the Christian faith. There are versions Continue reading

How a medieval rebel artist from Korea glorified watermelons and mice

She was named after the patroness of pregnant women and mothers, but Sin Saimdan rebelled all her life against the traditional female role. A magnificent education, which Korean women did not rely on in the Middle Ages, the secret role of the head of the family, spiritual practices, poems and paintings … In South Korea, she is considered a national heroine and decorated with portraits of stamps and banknotes. And glorified her drawings depicting … watermelons and mice.

Sin Saimdan was born in the 16th century in the old and noble family of Pensan Sin, about which legends were composed. The ancestor of this family was considered a marksman, who pleased with his hunting skills the first king of Korea, and the descendants, miraculously, all Koreans named Sin. At birth, Sin Saimdan was called Ying Song. Continue reading

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