How and why, after 100 years, the “Lady with the Unicorn” by Rafael Santi has changed
At the beginning of the 16th century, Rafael Santi created the painting “The Lady with the Unicorn”, which was included in the “golden fund” of High Renaissance painting. It is…

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Don Quixote in a book graphic
There are books that shocked me, with which I lived and with which I was forever connected by the memory of my mind and heart. Such recognition of the remarkable…

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Life in art. Pictures in your home and office
What fundamentally different modern approach to home design from previous periods? A resident of a modern metropolis pays great attention to the functionality of his home, of course, seeks to…

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5 main mysteries of the most expensive painting in the history of painting: “Savior of the world” by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the brightest minds in the history of mankind. Leonardo da Vinci’s “Savior of the World” is called “the most beautiful sign of a question that has ever been written.” And at the same time, this is one of the most expensive paintings in the world, with which there are a lot of scandals, puzzles and secrets. What conceals this canvas and what causes its scandalousness?


The painting depicts the figure of Christ – a long-haired man with a beard who looks directly at the viewer. He raised one hand with a blessing, and in the other holds a transparent sphere. Continue reading

“Princess Dream”: why did the imperial academy reject the picture of Vrubel?

This magnificent panel is called the most famous in Moscow. Panel, which was approved by the emperor himself, but rejected by the Academy of Arts. What did Princess Dreams like about the emperor and for what did she get a public response?

Artist Biography
Artist Mikhail Vrubel was born in Omsk. He studied at the Faculty of Law at St. Petersburg University, and then studied at the Academy of Arts. He was a comprehensively talented person: an artist, a graphic artist, a designer of arts and crafts, an illustrator, and even an architect.
It is said that Vrubel’s decision to enter the Academy of Arts after university was influenced by his Continue reading

“Moonlit Night on the Dnieper”: Why did the audience look for a light bulb behind Kuindzhi’s picture

The picture “Moonlit Night on the Dnieper” can be safely called the most famous masterpiece of the Russian artist Arkhip Kuindzhi – one of the greatest Russian landscape painters of the second half of the 19th century. The picture is distinguished by magnetism, mystery and high skill. The canvas wanted to see dozens of people waiting in long lines even before the opening of the artist’s workshop, and the most curious even looked for a bulb behind the picture.

The main work in the work of Kuindzhi
The work “Moonlit Night on the Dnieper”, which has always had a truly bewitching effect on the public, became legendary even before it was exhibited publicly. According to the artist, it is the main work of his Continue reading

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Engraved English school is much younger than Italian, German or Dutch. The history of English engraving, apparently, should be from the end of the 15th century. The first known engravings…


Cardboard Engraving
Cardboard - the most common and affordable material, the cheapest and most convenient for work. There are many different types of cardboard with various properties. The best is Bristol, made…


Secret meanings of the masterpiece fresco "Maesta" by Simone Martini
The student of the great founder of the Renaissance, Giotto and favorite Modigliani, Simone Martini, embodied Siena artistic principles in his work, introduced many innovations into painting art, which became…


On Monday, December 5, 1836, a report on heraldic book signs was published by his member Rev. Daniel Parsons at the Society of Heraldry and Archeology of the University of…