In ARTE-MADERA's web we offer you an easy way for the purchase of the handcrafted products made by Antonio Ribes and Angel Mendieta, Valencian craftmen of a well-known reputation. Here you can find a large display of the catalogue of our artistic wooden products, place an order or ask for a tailor-made model, aimed either at tributes, social or official events, competitions or as a gift, a personal celebration and a souvenir. All our products are hand-made with the most strict control and dedication, thus offering an excellent quality.

ARTE-MADERA A. Ribes-A. Mendieta C:B: is the registered name under which all ARTE-MADERA products are commercialised, with a production and customer service centre in the town of Mislata, province of Valencia (Spain).

Nuestra larga trayectoria y experiencia en fabricación de artículos artesanales en madera le garantizan un excelente servicio y un producto de calidad. Recuerde que somos la 3ª Generación familiar que de forma continuada se ha dedicado a la artesanía en madera.

ARTE-MADERA creates its web-site to offer you an easy comfortable purchase, 24 hours a day, in order to improve our customer service.

We are at your disposal in our workshop at:

C/ Pintor Sorolla, 8
46920 Mislata (Valencia)
Tel./Fax. +34 96 383 05 29.


In order to make it easier to find a product our catalogue has been divided into different categories. You can surf inside each one of our categories and subcategories until you find the required product. Remember that our firm makes all kinds of tailor made jobs, therefore in case you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us.

Every section of products informs about the procedure and materials used in the handcrafted working of the articles, as well as delivery service. It also offers a sample of the catalogue of products or similar ones (remember that many works are tailor-made). Some standard articles inform of their reference, sizes and in some cases prices. If in doubt or need for some information whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact con ARTE-MADERA.

To place an order you should go to the
order form and fill it in with all the required information.

In order to describe the product you are interested in you should use the field "Order Details", indicating the type of article (Trophy, Carving, Gunrack, Case, ...), the reference, if known, its sizes and any other comment or description regarding the product wanted.

Once the form has been filled in, just press "Send". In less than 24 hours we will contact you via e-mail, fax or telephone to confirm the reception of your order and inform you of the order number assigned, the final estimate (product price and delivery expenses) and delivery service.

In order to accept the order and start the making and subsequent delivery of the products you should just send us the amount of the final estimate which we will have previously sent you. To do so you can use any of the ways of payment available.

Remember that for the making and subsequent delivery of your order the previous payment of it is necessary.

If you would like to order a product which is not available in the catalogue or it is a tailor-made product, you should just describe it and its characteristics in the order form, and in short we will contact you to clarify any doubt and inform you of the price and delivery service.


Postage and packing is NOT included in the price of the product.
Postage and packing will be free if your order exceeds 3000.51 € (50.000.-Pts).
In all estimates we will itemise the final price of the order like this: price of the product + delivery expenses + VAT. 16%.
Delivery expenses will be free when your order exceeds xx.000.-Pts taxes not included.
For orders below E 300.51 (50.000.-Pts) taxes not included, delivery expenses will be calculated according to the type and number of articles ordered since there are different characteristics of weight and sizes in the various products.
We will inform you of the delivery expenses via e-mail, fax or telephone as part of the final estimate of your order.
If you prefer you can use any courier company you usually work with, or the post if you like. In these cases it will be cash on delivery.
ARTE MADERA makes orders and deliveries all over the world.
See international deliveries via e-mail

Delivery service has been calculated from the actual reception of the payment of the product.
Delivery service of orders in stock is 7 days maximum.
Delivery service of orders out of stock is 15 days maximum.
For tailor-made orders delivery service is 45 days approximately.
Remember that we always speak of working days; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not count.
We ask you to bear in mind times of banking validation of the cashing in payments with bank transfer and cheque. In the latter case the cheque will have to arrive at our offices so that we can start making your order and deliver it.
For bank transfer payments, delivery service will start counting from the very moment of confirmation of the bank transfer (two days). You can shorten delivery service by sending us the bank transfer receipt via e-mail
pedidos@arte-madera.com or via fax +34963830529.
For authorised cheque payments, delivery service will start counting from reception of the cheque in our offices. If it is a nominative cheque two additional days from reception of it for banking validation.

The ways of payment available in order to pay your order are the following:

1. With a bank transfer made out to ARTE-MADERA C.B..C.C.C
Important: When you order a bank transfer do not forget to indicate in the item the number of order assigned, so that the procedure is quicker and we can avoid delays in delivery. *The accreditation of the bank transfer takes two days, so if you prefer to speed up the delivery you can send us the transfer receipt stamped by your bank office via e-mail
pedidos@arte-madera.com or via fax +34963830529 if you live abroad.

2. With an authorised nominative cheque.
*Delivery service will start counting from reception of the cheque in our offices. If it is a nominative cheque two additional days from reception of the cheque for banking validation.

3. With money order and Western Union.

Can I take the product back?
By virtue of the Ley de Ordenación del Comercio Minorista as well as the EC regulations (Guideline 97/7/CE), ARTE-MADERA will grant a term of 7 days for the settlement or relinquishing of the contract. The return of the products will have to be done in the same box and original wrapping, in perfect condition.

ARTE MADERA informs that return expenses will be paid by the customer.

All the articles offered by ARTE-MADERA through their URL meet the classification of top-quality products; and they come from the own handcrafted making by ARTE-MADERA.

Besides, ARTE-MADERA offers the customer or purchaser their own after-sales and customer services, via e-mail atención-cliente@arte-madera.com or via telephone +34963830529 if you are calling from Spain or +0034963707547 if it is an international call.

ARTE-MADERA is a firm fully aware of the use and treatment which the personal data of their customers should be given. That is why ARTE-MADERA follows a Policy of Privacy in accordance with the 15/1999 Protection of Personal Data Organic Law.

All our customers' personal data are computerised by ARTE-MADERA's qualified staff and its access will be restricted, with the exception of those who by virtue of their post should accede. At any moment the customer can ask for information about the use and treatment of his/her personal data (Right of access), as well as modify, cancel or even oppose their treatment.

On this matter see Policy of Privacy. ARTE-MADERA guarantees a diligent legal use of the personal data regarding the purpose for which they were obtained.

In accordance with ARTE-MADERA's Policy of Privacy, it is established that anybody can exercise their rights of access, modification, cancellation and, if it comes to it, opposition via e-mail

Arte Madera
Pintor Sorolla, 8
Tel & fax: +34 96 383 05 29
Fax: 96 184 72 66
46920 Mislata (Valencia)

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